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Nigerian cuisine, like most West African cuisine is known for its richness, deep flavour and variety. Various spices, herbs and flavourings are used together with palm oil (red oil) or groundnut oil to create deeply flavoured stews and soups usually made from hot chili peppers. Nigerian feasts are incomplete without an array of traditional dishes. At Anedo Finger Licking, we prepare our meals to contemporary standards while maintaining that unique traditional flavour Nigerian food are known for.

Anedo Finger Licking is an elegant restaurant and bar designed to appeal to the people who are searching for a taste of home and to the people who are exploring the food and culture of exotic Africa. Our mission is to produce the highest quality of African food through the creation and establishment of the Modern African Restaurant experience. We are committed to making Anedo Finger Licking the number one destination in the United Kingdom.

A serene environment to enjoy a quiet meal or a meal with family & friends. We specialize in food from the eastern and western region of Nigeria.

The food at Anedo Finger Licking is prepared fresh from scratch using natural ingredients. Our dishes are flavorful and spiced according to our diners preferences from mild to extremely spicy. We have a stellar catering reputation, attributed to our focus on high-quality food and superior service which we intend to extend in our restaurant. We invite you to come dine at Anedo Finger Licking for an unforgettable Nigerian dining experience.

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Born with a mission to revolutionize eating habits, we believe in providing food that are healthy, homely and hygienic.

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